Bison Basketball hoops Reviews of 2018 & Buying Guide

If you want to bring some extra energy through sports in your family, then basketball is the one for you. It helps burn many calories and keeps your health maintained. You may even get your child interested enough to play basketball, and he may find it perfect to play it all time and choose it as a career.

To play basketball at home, the first thing you will need is a basketball hoop that fits your requirements. Bison basketball hoops are one of the most quality ensured hoops that are offered in a wide range and provide for different people of different skills. You can pick the hoop of your choice, but you need to read this buyers’ guide to remove any questions that you may have.

Take a look at our best Bison basketball hoops picks for a better comparison between different hoops for better understanding.

Buyer’s Guide

What to look for when buying Bison Basketball hoops?

Bison basketball hoops are in a large variety allowing its users to choose the one that best suits their needs. With a variety offered everywhere, it is hard to pick the best one. This buyer’s guide is for you to understand the details and choose the perfect one for you. Make a list of all the things that you require in a basketball hoop and then buy the one that is the best match.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor basketball hoops?

If you have decided that you want a basketball hoop, it is most likely that you have ample space for it and you have decided where to put it. However, choose the one that suits the location of your choice. Indoor and outdoor basketball hoops are a little different from each other. The following are the few main differences:

  • Indoor basketball hoops are mostly mounted to the walls while the outdoor ones are in-ground or portable standing hoops.
  • The backboard of the indoor basketball hoops is smaller as compared to the outdoor ones.
  • The indoor standing ones will be shorter compared to the outdoor basketball hoops
Swim ways 2 in 1 game

Swim ways 2 in 1 game

  • Indoor is used for children who are beginning to play the sport or for recreational purposes in leisure rooms which will mean that they will not be ready for dunking and aggressive games as compared to the outdoor hoops
  • The indoor hoops are cheaper than the outdoor hoops.

What are the advantages of the portable basketball hoop?

Basketball hoops are portable or in-ground; this is one of the most important decisions you have to make while buying your favorite hoop. The following are advantages of the portable basketball hoop.

  • A portable hoop can be perfect for beginners since you can easily upgrade them.
  • You can drag them anywhere and play; this is good especially if you shift your house often.
  • You will not need much labor to install it. No digging and no work of concrete will be necessary.
  • They can be used legally in places where installing in-ground hoops is illegal. You will not even need building permits.
  • They have height adjustment for every skill level.
  • It is a lot cheaper than the in-ground ones.
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What are the advantages of the in-ground basketball hoops?

Bison Ultimate Adjustable Steel System

Bison Ultimate Adjustable Steel System

Another option for you is to get the in-ground basketball hoops. These are more or less permanent. Here are the following advantages of in-ground basketball hoops:

  • They stand firm on the ground irrespective of the weather.
  • Professionals play on this kind of hoops, so they are best if you are practicing to be a professional.
  • They are more stable than portable hoops.
  • These are safer to play with as compared to portable hoops.
  • Such hoops are durable, and hence, you can use them for decades. They are perfect for an aggressive game and are not easily broken down.
  • These hoops do not take much room or space.
  • They have a large backboard which gives the best performance.

Is acrylic better or tempered glass as backboards?

The two most standard backboards used are acrylic and tempered glass. These are important to make bank shots. Acrylic helps in dampening the bounce when the ball hits the backboard while the tempered glass does not.

However, if you are practicing to play professionally, the tempered glass should be played on since that it the professional hoop. If you are playing for recreational purposes, tempered glass can be a bad choice since it is not durable.

Additionally, tempered glass backboards are more expensive than the acrylic backboards. Probably the biggest advantage to acrylic boards is that even if you buy the cheapest one, the quality will always be above average whereas the quality will vary with the price in the tempered glass backboard.

What rim is best to dunk?

The dunking shots in basketball are one of the traditional shots. However, not all basketball rims can handle the shot. Standard rims are most likely to break because of the dunk shot and damage not only the rim but also the backboard of the hoop mechanism.

They use breakaway rims in professional basketball. These rims are connected by hinges and spring so that it can bend down when the player dunks and come back to place; this helps prevent the whole hoop mechanism including the backboard. Additionally, this prevents wrist injuries in players.

Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Should I buy the angled pole or the straight pole hoop?

You have the option to choose between angled pole of your basketball hoop and the straight pole. The angled pole is for players who are a little more advanced since angled poles require you to do some mental calculations before you take a shot while in the vertical pole you can take the shot quickly.

Angles poles also serve an advantage to children or shorter people while setting their angle. You can always choose angled for recreational purpose, however, if you are practicing for professional purposes, you will have to take the straight one. Safety will only be a concern in angles poles if the base is not strong enough. Otherwise, both serve the same purpose.

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What is the best surface for basketball?

The best place to play basketball is where it is most spacious. If you want to install your hoop indoors, then ensure you have a room with big enough space along with not very low ceiling. You also need to ascertain that the room is not full of fragile of breakable objects.

Bison Smoked Lottery Pick Removable Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Bison Smoked Lottery Pick Removable Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Furthermore, if you want to install it outdoors, then you need to look for a flat and hard surface with maximum space. If you are opting for an in-ground one, ensure that you do not place it without the city permission and you install it where there is space that is not useful.

Now that you have a basic idea about the different kinds of hoops available take a look at our top picks. These will help you compare between different basketballs hoops that have different features. Bison basketball hoops make several in different prices that have different features along with several others.

Bison Basketball hoops Reviews

1. Bison Smoked Atlantis Adjustable Basketball Hoop Review

Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop

This basketball hoop is adjustable in height allowing you to play at your level. The glass backboard is ideal for practicing professional games. With features like pole padding, this basketball hoop brings out the safest way to play the sport for practice as well as for leisure.


  • check
    Adjustable height.
  • check
    Tempered glass backboard.
  • check
    The padded pole is increasing safety.


  • No solid frame to increase rigidity.
  • Inconvenient installment.

This basketball hoop by Bison is one of the best in its kind, with increased safety and professional touches, it allows an easy game. However, because of its lack of rigidity, one may not be able to play active games on this hoop. Additionally, the product is too complicated for installments; which means paying additional for installation. However, with added safety, you can have a satisfactory outcome for your loved ones.

2. Bison Smoked Lottery Pick Removable Adjustable Basketball Hoop 

Bison Smoked Lottery Pick Removable Adjustable Basketball Hoop

This design of basketball hoop is one of a kind. It in in-ground however, it is easy to remove and hence it is portable as well. With a standardly sized backboard made of tempered glass, you can play professional basketball at your home.


  • check
    Its height is versatile.
  • check
    Standard sized backboard made of tempered glass.
  • check
    It is in-ground as well as portable.


  • Removal base can cause security lapses.
  • Aluminum frame is a bad match with tempered glass.

They design the hoop to ensure strength and stability, however; the combination of tempered glass along with aluminum frame does not satisfy the mind. Tempered glass needs better and a stronger frame. Tempered glass needs better and a stronger frame. However, its standard backboard size and portability can be very convenient, unless the removable base case a mishap. If you have experience, then installation can be a piece of cake for you otherwise you will have to invest in a professional installer as well.

3. Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop Review

Bison Olympus Adjustable Basketball Hoop


  • check
    Five-inch-thick pole increases stability.
  • check
    60-inch backboard gives the best performance.
  • check
    Changeable height makes it useful for anybody.
  • check
    In-ground and portable technology.


  • Standard rims are disallowing dunks.
  • No solid frame to support backboard.

This backboard brings out the professional touch while playing at home. Along with its removal in-ground system, you can have the stability of an in-ground hoop and the mobility of a portable hoop. However, the durability decreases without a frame that holds the backboard together.  Additionally, the rim is not for dunking which may cause a natural break. However, the height adjustment allows for people of all skill level to enjoy playing on this one.

4. Bison Ultimate Adjustable System Review

Bison Ultimate Adjustable System

This ultimate basketball hoop gives you an advantage in many ways. The backboard is bulletproof made of polycarbonate materials that give you the most durable backboard. With easy to change height, every person of the family can enjoy the game without any skill differences. With a highly stable pole, you can ensure a steady and aggressive play.


  • check
    Breakaway rim for dunking.
  • check
    6-inch thick pole for stability.
  • check
    It has a bulletproof backboard which highly durable.
  • check
    It has an adjustable height.


  • Polycarbonate board does not give a professional play even after increased durability.

This ultimate basketball hoop is the strongest and most vigorous basketball hoop. You can easily change the height. With its 6 inches thick pole and breakaway rim, you can play competitive games and funk easier. However, no matter how durable, the polycarbonate backboard will never give the same performance as the tempered glass one.

5. Bison Ultimate Adjustable Steel System Review

Bison Ultimate Adjustable Steel System

Another highly versatile basketball hoop allows you to enjoy many variations in one basketball hoop. With a sturdy steel backboard and a very rigid pole, you can ensure a dynamic game without resisting. The double rim allows dunk without damage to the basketball hoop.


  • check
    Robust and durable 6-inch pole.
  • check
    Double rim.
  • check
    Net lock system to prevent theft.


  • Steel background does not allow the best performance.

This highly versatile basketball hoop makes no discrimination in skill level by having an adjustable height. Additionally, with its safety, you can ensure that nobody ever steals your net again. However, steel is not the best choice for a good backboard for a good game. However, it can come to use for recreational purposes. Its dual rim will help you dunk and play a dynamic game with your loved ones.


With the comparison of products and the different kinds of features, you may have seen that there are several various types of basketball hoops. Bison basketball hoops will ensure like all the others that you get several different options and prices to pick your best. However, you need to make sure that you never compromise on quality.

A bad quality hoop can waste not only your money but also be the cause of serious injuries to your loved ones. With the details mentioned above, you can easily compare the different products and ensure that you make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right hoop.

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