Best Foldable Basketball Hoop of 2018 & Buying Guide

Basketball is a great way to enjoy and keep yourself fit. This game involves your whole body’s contribution which is quite healthy for you. In summer time, you can seek pleasure by playing it either with your family or friends. In fact, it is categorized as one the most popular outdoor activities. Playing basketball engages each player, unlike some other games. If you are a big fan of this game, then you require a foldable basketball hoop hanging outside in your backyard. For your feasibility, we have gathered a list of top foldable basketball hoop so you can search the product easily.

Buyer’s Guide


 What to look for, when buying a foldable basketball hoop?

Once you have thought of buying a foldable basketball hoop, now you need to look out for different products. You may find many types of hoops on the market but for you to buy the best one it should be of a right size for you and the material should match your needs. A foldable basketball hoop has different components which you should be aware of to make the best choice for yourself. These components include backboards, rim, angled support pole system and base.

1. Backboards

Backboards are for hanging the rim and the net. It should be of good quality. Hence, you may select the backboard according to the size you require.

  • In how many sizes does a backboard come?

The size of the backboard is of major concern because you need to see which suits you best. In the market, you will usually find 54” backboard being the largest one. The smallest portable basketball hoops backboard is of 14”. You should never compromise on the size of the backboard and always go for a slightly larger one when the time comes to choose.

  • Which material is best for backboard?

A backboard should be made up of proper weather resistant material as it is used outdoors so it should be made up of long lasting material. You may find backboards which are made up of acrylic, polycarbonate and tampered glass. The glass material is used professionally so that the audience can see from the other side.  Polycarbonate material is a tampered plastic which gives you the feel of glass. It is environment-friendly material. Acrylic backboards are stiff, transparent and weather resistant which makes them an excellent choice for basketball.

  • Does backboard brace help in better performance?

On most occasions, the performance of a backboard relies heavily on how good the bracing is. You can find these braces in the form of metal pieces that are linked together parallel to the backboard to keep it stable.

2. Rim

Rims are the outer part of the basketball’s net. Rim plays an important part because without this rim you cannot use your foldable hoop. Rims come in different sizes and materials. You should keep in mind your requirements when buying the rim.

  • What are different kinds of the rim?

There are two basic kinds of rims available: rigid and breakaway.

                  1. Rigid rim:

A rigid rim is the one which comes welded with the backboard, and it doesn’t move if the ball or player would hit the rim. You can use such rims outdoors, and they are good for the long term.

                  2. Breakaway:

The best thing about this rim is that it is quite flexible. When the ball or player hits the rim, it moves according to the dunk. A breakaway rim comes classified into two subcategories: a true breakaway and a flex rim. A true breakaway takes the load that is on the front of the goal, and it always returns to the position when there is no more load on it. The flex rim is a new popular goal rim; it only yields pressure as applied. The main difference between two rims is that breakaway style can be pulled down with less force.

  • What styles are of flex rim?

There are two styles of flex rim, the standard or the 180 degrees one. The standard rim can be swayed only downwards and upwards. And the 180-degree one can be moved to sideward as well.

3. Base

Lifetime 71286 XL Portable Basketball System

Lifetime 71286 XL Portable Basketball System

Once you buy a foldable basketball hoop with your supporting system, you will require a base that will be used to support it. If your product does not have a proper sturdy base system, then you will face problems while playing.

  • What is the filling material used for the base?

A base is the bottom most part and should be sturdy and durable. To hold the hoop the base and supporting system together needs to be filled with either sand or water whichever seems more suitable to you. The material filled in it ensure the stability of the whole system.

What are the advantages of this product?

Basketball is a great game to play outdoors, but to play it; you require a basketball hoop. As the game requires a team effort, it can be a great pleasure for both family occasions as well as friendly hangouts. These hoops can be assembled easily in the garden. This game is most fun with friends and family. Plus, the point of this product is that it comes with an angled support system. Angled support system is unique because it gives you a real game where you can bunk dunk your balls at any desired angle.

A good base at the bottom of the system ensures that you don’t have to go through the hassle of having to pick up the system over and over again. The main advantage of these hoops is that they are foldable and you can easily store them in a small space.

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Angled support pole system

A support pole system on a foldable basketball hoop is a must to keep the whole system stable.

There are mainly just three types of different support systems: three pieces, two pieces, and one piece.

Three-piece support holes are found on middle tier foldable basketball hoop. Then there are two-piece support poles they are on high-end portable basketball systems. This system is more stable with a comparison to three-piece support pole systems. Can also take more pressure. Usually, no one uses one piece support for systems on the foldable basketball hoop.

Spalding Pro NBA 54″ Pole Backboard Basketball System

Spalding Pro NBA 54″ Pole Backboard Basketball System

We have prepared a list of our picks to help you in choosing the product that matches your requirements.

Top 5 Best Foldable Basketball
Hoop Reviews

1. Spalding Pro NBA 54″ Pole Backboard Basketball System Review

Spalding Pro NBA 54″ Pole Backboard Basketball System

Spalding Pro Slam Basketball system consists of an angled backboard which can be used very easily to play at your homes garden. This system has 54” angled pole which is durable. Its backboard can extend fully to the base of the system. The polycarbonate backboard is weather friendly can also be played in the rain. This system is made up of solid material which you cannot move easily.


  • check
    The material of this system is of the solid build which is good for long term.
  • check
    Its heavy weight keeps it set in one place, all set for playing.
  • check
    The backboard made by Spalding is quite sturdy.


  • It is a bit difficult to assemble; you may require assistance.
  • The product has a non-labeled hardware.

Despite having some drawbacks, this foldable basketball hoop provides good performance, especially for residential usage. If you need a basketball hoop which you need to stay in one place setting, then this might be a good option for you.

2. Junior Portable Basketball System Hoop Stand Review

Junior Portable Basketball System Hoop Stand

This basketball hoop is good for younger kids. It can take up lighter dunks because of the lighter material used. You can adjust the Junior basketball system as per your kid’s height. It is light in weight and can be carried around anywhere needed. Also, may be used indoors. The package includes a 5” inflated ball with it.


  • check
    You can easily hold it as a carrying case.
  • check
    Lighter in weight, so it is kid friendly.
  • check
    It requires no tools for installation.


  • The material is a bit of lower quality as it is for younger kids.

The material may not seem fine to some people however this basketball hoop is a cheap one for the younger kids. It is compact, and you can use it indoors and outdoors. Not the professional hoop for your kid but it does get the job of practicing and enjoying doing.

3. Franklin Sports Full Size Hard Court Portable Basketball System Review

Franklin Sports Full Size Hard Court Portable Basketball System


  • check
    This system has wheels on the bottom of its base for mobility.
  • check
    It is not hard to assemble this system.
  • check
    It has three coats of powder on steel to save it from rusting.


  • The backboard of this system is maybe a bit darker than it seems.

Franklin basketball hoop is a good easily carried away hoop for your kids and yourself. It may seem a little higher in price, but that is because they use steel to make its supporting pole. So, if you are looking for a long term foldable hoop, then this might be the one you need.

4. Spalding NBA Hercules Portable Basketball System – 50″ Acrylic Backboard Review

Spalding NBA Hercules Portable Basketball System – 50″ Acrylic Backboard

They have designed the Spalding Hercules basketball hoop system for heroic play. It consists of an acrylic backboard which bounces back the ball easily. It is durable and weather resistant. Height adjustments are also a part of this system. This product has gallon base that keeps it from tipping. Moreover, it features an angled support pole which enables under the hoop action.


  • check
    The 40-gallon base is colossal, and it provides excellent support for the hoop.
  • check
    Two wheels at the bottom of the hoop make for easier transportation.


  • You can purchase the main support pole separately.

If you are happy to spend a little extra on the supporting pole than this might be the item, you are searching. This basketball hoop system comes along with all prior features, and the gallon capacity keeps it safe from tipping off.

5. Lifetime 71286 XL Portable Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard Review

Lifetime 71286 XL Portable Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

As per the name, the foldable basketball system has a shatterproof backboard. The backboard gives a glass like a view. It is easily visible from the other end as well. This system comes with a pneumatic mechanism which will help in folding and unfolding. Dunkers can adjust the height according to their needs.


  • check
    The solid steel rim consists of double compression strings.
  • check
    Made up of sturdy material which is bound to last a long period.
  • check
    Players need not worry about the shattering of the blackboard.


  • The assembly of this system takes a long time.

Lifetime portable basketball hoop is a great system to be used at your house for tournaments. It is designed to take as much toll as possible. The backboard gives you the maximum durability with a robust and well-protected supporting system; it keeps everyone safe as well.


If you have finished reading this article, you must have a fair idea of what to consider and what not to opt for when choosing your hoop. Also by reading above product views, you can easily make up your mind with which one of the system suits you and your household the best. Hopefully, you have found the right kind of information to choose the best foldable basketball hoop to practice your favorite game backyard. The comparisons we have provided should enable you to understand your needs and different product features that cater your specific needs.

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