Best High Hoops Basketball of 2018 & Buying Guide

In order to become the best sportsman, one must devote lots of time to practice. So when you decide to purchase a basketball hoop, you must be pretty sure whether to adjust it in the garage or have a permanent adjustment of the hoop outdoor. Furthermore, we will help you choose an ideal Basketball hoop by providing the best guidelines and best basketball hoops.

Buyer’s Guide

What are the features of a portable basketball hoop?

The best thing about a portable hoop is that it has two wheels which make its transportation quite easy from one place to another. Moreover, a portable basketball hoop offers all the components in one device.

Many people prefer buying portable hoop as it offers extensive benefits to the players. It is a saying that one cannot practice the basketball without all the necessary components of the basketball system such as Rims, hoops, and poles.

What Rims must be selected while purchasing basketball hoop:

The most common rims are the standard rims that are used for decades. These rims are also available at low rates in the market. The best thing about standard rims is that they can easily be bent and wrapped if dunked.

The other most used rims are the exposed spring break away. It has maximum two springs on the hoop. The drawback of the rims is that they have springs of inferior quality which has a terrible effect on the performance.

Lifetime Basketball System 90061

Lifetime Basketball System 90061

What backboards do you need to choose?

There are usually three types of backboards.

  • Polycarbonate is common and inexpensive backboard available. As it has a rigid nature, it works quite well. This polycarbonate usually meets the needs of the player.
  • Fiberglass backboards are also highly durable and used by many people.
  • The wooden backboards are said to me more flexible.

The backboards are available in different shapes. The most common and used shape is the rectangular shape

Which backboard size is best for me?

The backboard size is one the most amazing feature that one has to look for before buying. The smallest size of the backboard comes in 44 inches up to 60 inches. Many people prefer buying a hoop that comes in 52 inches as it proves to fulfill all the requirements.

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What hoops must be preferred while buying?

Hoop varies in materials color and size. It also prevents the backboard from getting damaged. The hoops are not at all expensive, and they come with a capacity of 27 gallons. This hoop usually stays still and can withstand in every weather condition. In addition, the other category of hoop comes with 35 to 40-gallon capacity and a mid-priced.

Lifetime 71281 Basketball System

Lifetime 71281 Basketball System

They do not tip while dunking. The best and the most effective hoop comes in more than 50 gallon of water that helps to keep them still no water what the situation is. Also look for a protective plate under the base for protecting the players.

Which support system is ideal for the players?

If you install a high-quality support system, it will remain stable for a long time. You may go for two pieces as well as three pieces according to your needs.

Three piece support pole designs are available in mid-range and at affordable prices hoops. This is the reason why the hoops shake while playing the game. Two piece support systems are accessible on the high-end portable hoops. They are more stable than the three piece counterparts.

Top 5 Best High Hoops
Basketball Reviews

1. Lifetime Basketball Hoop 50 Inch Shatter Proof Review

Lifetime Basketball Hoop 50 Inch Shatter Proof

The shatter proof portable basketball hoop is just a perfect gadget for all the beginners. It features a 50 inch of basket hoop to make sure that the player enjoys it to the fullest. This basketball hoop is combined with the latest and upgraded technology to meet all the requirements.

It is made up of polycarbonate frame which is considered the most durable and strong material for basketball systems.  Polycarbonate is the best material because of its valued price.

The rims on this hoop have double compression springs. It meets all the standards of a basketball hoop. The 34gallon base also features two wheels which make it portable and easy to carry from one place to another.

During winter or cold, it is recommended to cover the hoop as you won’t go out to play. It will keep the hoop safe and sound. The best feature of this lifetime Shatterproof basketball hoop is its height adjustment. You can adjust it up to 10 feet using your one hand. This hoop comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • check
    It is available at an affordable cost and also features a backboard.
  • check
    The height adjustment is designed well for the players
  • check
    Support pole system makes it worth buying.


  • Sometimes the vibrations can be significant.
  • The rims spring may rust in cold weather.
  • This basketball hoop is designed only for beginners, not advanced players.

2. Lifetime 71281 Basketball System 

Lifetime 71281 Basketball System

This Lifetime product features a Steel Framed shatterproof backboard in an innovative style. It is made up of a polycarbonate material. It provides the player with more convenience of portability.

This hoop also features a compression spring to make it more entertaining for the players. The system is covered with polyethylene base which makes it move freely from one place to another.

An enhanced portability is an incredible feature a basketball system can hold. It is also weather resistant and also prevents rusting when it’s cold outside. This Basketball system also has an adjustable height up to 10 inches.

It comes with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. The gallon base of this basketball system prevents it from tipping during game play. The base of this basketball system is made up of durable and high-density material. It has always been the best choice for many enthusiasts.


  • check
    The rims are very supportive.
  • check
    High-quality support poles are available
  • check
    Enhanced technology with easy mobility.


  • The base seems to be small.
  • Difficult to assemble individually.

The performance of this basket hoop is very efficient. It is also very durable, but sometimes its assembling seems to be time-consuming. The angles of the pole help the player to shoot easily. We can say that it is an amazing option at an affordable price.

3. Lifetime Basketball System 90061 Review

Lifetime Basketball System 90061

This Lifetime portable basketball system is just like a professional basketball hoop. It has a great capacity to hold up to 35 gallons of water and sand. This portable basketball comes with an impressive design and unique appearance. The height of this portable system can be adjusted very easily.

The basket can be adjusted up to 10 inches. This basketball hoop can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It features a polyethylene construction that plays a very important role in helping the basketball hoop from tipping or vibrating. It is constructed using high end and upgraded technology to give the best out of your money.

You can also fix this basketball backboard at your favorite location easily. The hooks of the rims are specially designed to withstand the system in aggressive game plays.


  • check
    It provides great support to the hoop.
  • check
    The Lifetime 90061 comes with an adjustable height for all age groups.
  • check
    Its superior strength makes it different from the others.


  • Not perfect for professional players.

It is a great hoop available in an affordable price. It is just awesome if you have kids of different age groups and you wish to adjust the height quickly. The sturdy base and the adjustable height is simply the best option one can have.

4. Lifetime Acrylic Basketball Hoop 54 Inch Review

Lifetime 71286 XL Portable Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

This Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop is just amazing for professional play. It gives the player an excellent product quality in return to your money. The 54-inch backboard gives you different layups. The Acrylic Portable Basketball hoops help to give the basketball system a more professional look. There are also some printed graphics so that they may last longer.

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Some people find it’s assembling a bit difficult than any other ordinary basketball hoop. The adjustments can be made up to 10 inches in length allowing you to play freely.  If we talk about durability, it is the best basketball system among all others. It is designed in such a way that it ensures the safety of the players. The base of the basketball system also helps to achieve the maximum stability while playing.

It also provides you with arena quality dunking and shots so that you won’t experience any kind of rebounds that are underdone. It also has attached winders that help you to adjust the hoop accordingly. The frame of the basketball system is also very stable and does not vibrate after every shot you make.


  • check
    Easy mobility makes it great to purchase.
  • check
    The poles of this basketball system are enduring.
  • check
    Manufactured from the best quality material to enhance durability and excellent performance.


  • The backboards can halt the performance of the players.
  • Assembling is time-consuming.

Despite some certain drawbacks, it is counted among the topmost basketball hoops. If someone is looking for an efficient and durable basketball hoop, then this is the right choice for them. Along with the construction, the design of the system is also very artistic and unique.

5. Lifetime high Hoops Basketball System 1558 Review

Lifetime high Hoops Basketball System 1558

This product of life tie features a 52-inch Portable Basketball Hoop system with a great height adjustment up to 10 inches. The 35 gallon gives the system the perfect stability needed to stand still. Furthermore, it has a three piece support system which is further coated by a powder for long lasting. The backboard of the system promises a very high quality for the players.


  • check
    Padding area to protect the players.
  • check
    The handles of the system are easy to adjust


  • Cannot withstand harsh weather.

If you are looking for some really nice addition to your lawn, then we recommend you to go for this. The Slam-It rims further make it worth purchasing for your kids.


Finding the best high hoops basketball system can be confusing and time-consuming at the same time. Here we have tried our best to gather the products of the most popular brand along with the buyer’s guide which may help you to take a better decision.

Moreover, if you make the right decision, it will be a great long-term investment for you. The comparisons are also made in detail to show you the difference between different product details. By choosing the best basketball system, you can get the best performance and durability in the product.

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