Top 5 Best Home Basketball Hoops Reviews Of 2017

“Practice makes the man perfect.” The phrase is equally correct for basketball. The passion for basketball grows from the fact that it is considered as an extremely energetic and healthy game. Furthermore, the players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have inspired several young minds. The speed, power, technique, and energy associated with this game are unmatched. The fascination encourages several people to learn and play their favorite game. In order to become a great player, it is essential to keep practicing the game regularly. The training sessions usually begin at home. To get the best results, it is significant to acquire the best home basketball hoops. A best home basketball hoop is the one that meets all your needs in limited domestic premises.







SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop



Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop



Silverback In-Ground Basketball System



Spalding NBA Backboard/Rim Combo



Lifetime 73729 48 Backboard Rim Combo


Buyers Guide: Tips to get the best home basketball hoops.

Once you go out to buy the basketball hoop for your backyard, you will get confused by all that is available on the market. There is an extensive list of basketball hoop brands. These basketball hoops come in all kinds of materials, and sizes. You need to get the hoop according to your requirements. Before you install a hoop in your backyard for regular practice, it is paramount to look at specifications that meet your needs. Ensuring these sets of traits in your purchase would mean that your product is reliable, durable and fulfill your requirements. A vigilant buyer will keep a close eye on the overall components of the basketball hoop that include rims, backboards, support pole system and base. Thus, if you are about to buy a basketball home hoop compare the various brands available.

A perfect basketball hoop is not just the one you are getting from the renowned manufacturer, but it is the one that encompasses all professional features. It is suggested to get a hoop that is portable and easy to assemble. Adjustable heights are recommended if you are getting a basketball hoop for a home with growing kids. Here are some top pre-requisites every purchaser needs to know:

What kind of rim do I need?

There are three basic rims available in the market. Standard rim comes without springs. Although they are not used very frequently these days, still they are ideal for early learners.  They are suitable for the layups and the regular shooting sessions. Exposed spring breakaway rim is fitted with exposed springs. They come with either one or multiple springs fixed to the hoops. Don’t get them if you have a humid climate because they will rust otherwise. Before choosing the hoop, you need to make sure the strings are not made of low-quality materials. Enclosed Spring Breakaway Rim are preferred these days. They come in different price ranges, so it becomes easy to get the rim that matches your price range and the needs both. The enclosed spring rims are also preferred because they have the springs covered with the metal sheets which ensure longer age of the springs.

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What height of the rim do I need?

The height of the rim varies from player to player. Before buying the rim, you need to know that for which age the rim is required. The standard rim height for the students of the colleges or the professional is 10 feet.

What size of the backboard suits me?

The backboard size varies from 45 inches to the 72 inches. 72 inches is the ultimate professional size of the backboard. For the beginners, it is better to get a backboard neither too big nor too small. Expert says that a 54-inch backboard is a great option. The more you get closer to the expert level, the larger the sizes you can enjoy.

Which backboard materials are available in the market?

The backboards made out of polycarbonate would be helpful when you are looking for a cheap backboard that can cater the needs of your early learners or the beginners. The polycarbonate backboards are not recommended for the professional games. Thermoplastic acrylic makes a better option for the middle-level players because of the durability. If you are continuing your professional level practice, then it is suggested that get the tempered glass backboard. It has a longer life and supports the playtime very well.

What makes the best base for my home basketball hoops?

The base holds the entire weight of the basketball system. The whole weight of the hoop rests on the base. It also ensures that the hoop remains balanced and stable during the gameplay. Therefore, try to buy the hoop with a robust base.

Which support systems can I choose from?

It is suggested to know about the support system before buying the basketball home hoops for your home based practice sessions. The hoop in the market come with three types of the support systems namely three-piece, two pieces and one piece. The name is given according to the number of metal plates used in them. It is important to remember that lesser the number of pieces, the more stable it is going to be. The one piece hoop are comparatively expensive than the multi-piece objects.

Do I need a backboard support?

The backboard support ensures better performance of the backboard. It is referred to as the backboard bracing. A brace is affixed to the entire set up to keep the hoop at a central position. These braces ensure proper positioning as well as the durability of the whole set up.

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Product Reviews

We have picked top performing basketball hoops based on our experience. Scroll down the list to find your best fit from the top ranking hoops in the market:

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ is the right name to enjoy the real experience in domestic territories. The eight loop net is high enough to give superb playing experience. Moreover, the SKLZ Pro comes with a backboard of shatterproof polycarbonate and provides an impeccable gameplay. With the assistance of a 9.5” diameter spring action “break-away” steel rim, the basketball passionate can easily practice the dunks wherever they like.


  • The SKLZ Pro hoop comes with easy to assemble setup and allows mobile paly. You can set it even at your room door.
  • The product is made from polycarbonate, durable
  • Fitted with foam backing.


  • Ball requires frequent
  • It does not offer silent play and makes loud noises despite the foam at the back.

It is a great home basketball hoop despite some weaknesses associated with this brand. It helps you enjoy the gameplay in the comfort of your domestic interiors. SKLZ Pro is easy to install and can help you enjoy the dunks wherever you like.

2. Silverback In-Ground Basketball System

The hoop gives you a sleek and stylish way of playing the basketball in your backyard. It gives an immensely professional experience to the beginners. You can securely fix it to the ground. The hoop can support an extended playing session due to the tempered glass backboard and the pro-style breakaway rim. The hoop features an adjustable steel pole that can be altered in height from 7.5 to 10 inches. It is fitted with the paddings to support the rough playing sessions.


  • Well supporting pole
  • High-performance games with the tempered glass backboards
  • Two piece pole ensures stability and balance during the game
  • safe playing with padding fixed to the pole
  • Silverback basketball hoop comes with a five-year


  • The backboard is larger than 54 inches.

3. Lifetime 73729 48 Backboard Rim Combo

The backboard combo from Lifetime is made out of a strong steel frame that measures 48 inches. It includes a Slam-It Pro Rim. It is acclaimed because of the smoother surface that ensures a shatterproof surface to continue your game. If you are an aggressive player, then the 18-inch Slam-it Pro Rim is meant for you. Furthermore, it comes with a solid attachment that can be easily fixed to the wall or the door.  The 5/8 inch solid steel has a user-friendly wrap around it.


  • Lifetime offers gameplay close to the real life experience
  • You can easily install in the backyard
  • An easy to follow manual
  • Protected by blow mold


  • It is considered a difficult to install the product as compared to others.

This backboard can be easily added to any basketball hoop to improve the performance. At the earlier stage, it seems difficult to fix it but once settled the difference in the gameplay can easily be felt.

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4. Spalding NBA Backboard/Rim Combo – 44″ Polycarbonate Backboard

For those who are looking forward to a real NBA experience in the backyard, this Spalding created backboard and rim can make the real difference. In addition, the 44-inch wide polycarbonate backboard is perfect for the aggressive players. The 1 x 1-inch frame is sturdy enough to support the game at the non-professional level too. It is acclaimed for its strong, solid breakaway rim. Moreover, the net fitted to it is weather resistant and can easily be used in all kinds of climates.


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable and well-balanced base


  • Comes with a flimsy base
  • Complicated to install at first

It comes with the minimum drawbacks and is highly appreciated by the basketball lovers. It has all the technical specifications that are required by the regular practice sessions. This backboard and rim by Spalding is an amazing experience for the emerging players.

5. Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

It is a steel carved sturdy basketball hoop that is created according to the 1/4″ scale of NBA game backboard if you are an aggressive player you are likely to enjoy the high quality 18″ x 10.5″ Polycarbonate Backboard. Furthermore. the Spalding NBA Slam Jam has used the Breakaway Rim Design for high performance. It becomes incredibly easy to mount it anywhere. As the entire set up comes with the padded bracket, therefore it leaves no marks on the walls or doors. The package comes with the tools. Hence it is easy to assemble the hoop.


  • Improves dunking skills by the well-built rim
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comes with a basketball


  • The basketball included is very hard
  • Difficult to move when fixed once

With minor deficiencies on board, this hoop cannot be ignored due to its high-quality assurance. It has created an ease for those who want to enjoy the basketball practice in their backyard.


The young players try to learn and then reinforce the skills that can make them stand out in the future. To achieve the goal, it is essential to practice as much as can. Moreover, it is no more necessary to leave your domestic premises and go for a practice session. Some brands have made best home basketball hoops to transform your bedroom, living room or the backyard into an exclusive basketball court. It is very easy to get the best option for your extensive practice if you are a really vigilant player. Just highlight your pre-requisites and match them with the features mentioned above to get the best basketball hoop for your practice.

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