Top 5 Best Indoor Basketball Hoop Wall Mount Reviews Of 2017

The world has many opportunities to offer to you. Hence a lot of us are committed to their goals. People who are committed to their goals would never compromise on the purpose of their life. They will devote themselves to their passion. Basketball has become a passion for the young generation. They always look forward to the place or area where they can practice it. To meet the current needs of these youngsters businesses always try to provide the best sports equipment possible. Such equipment needs to be not only durable but also adjustable.

You can use the indoor basketball hoop wall mount for indoor practices. It is one of the products designed for the zealous players who have a high commitment to their passion. It is for those who don’t want to wait to go an outside area just to play. With the help of this hoop; you can practice even at home.







SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Streetball



Lifetime 54-inch Backboard Rim Competition Combo



Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop



RAMgoal Indoor Basketball Hoop



Huffy Backboard & Rim Combo


Buyer’s Guide

The most difficult decision arises when it comes to purchasing the right item. Before purchasing the indoor basketball hoop wall mount, one should completely assess its specifications, features, reliability, and assembly to avoid any future problems.

1: How to choose the appropriate backboard: which can be most justifiable to you?

A backboard is a part of basketball equipment. It is a vertical board attached to the basketball net and hoop. In the market, the size of the backboard can vary from small to a very large size exceeding up to even sixty inches or more. But one should have a backboard according to his comfort level keeping in mind the area or wall where you want to place it.

Families prefer a backboard usually in sizes ranging from 50-57 inches. While purchasing for kids, the size can be about forty-four inches which are the smallest size available. If you want to bring a touch of glamor in you’re playing, there are backboards can be made of glass so that it does not restrict the view of an audience. The size of the backboard depends on your preference.

2: What should be the material preferences while purchasing the indoor basketball hoop wall mount?

The material makes all the difference when it comes to the durability and stability of your basketball equipment. If you bring a backboard for your home, it can be made up of any strong material including nylon or any other water resistant material such as polycarbonate or something acrylic as well. The polycarbonate is the cheapest choice one can consider while purchasing but professional seekers must consider the glass backboard so the audience can have a clear view of your performance. The hoop connects the backboard with the strobe. It has a rim that goes back to it.  The material used in the making of a hoop also varies according to the preference and choices of the people. It is a tradition that the height of a hoop should be at least ten feet high.

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3: Does the indoor basketball hoops wall mount is also beneficial for outside usage?

Usually, the indoor basketballs have different features and materials while the outdoor one possesses different materials. They cannot be equally beneficial in every way and cannot provide the same durability in both situations, as indoor basketball hoops are made up of materials which are neither water resistant nor weather resistible. They are made up of the leathery stuff. Talking about the outdoor basketball hoops they have resistibility as against the rain storms etc. and weather resistibility as well to deal with the different weather situation. Indoor basketball would have 122 pebbles per square inch, while the outdoor will have a few pebbles. The lifespan may decrease, and their durability and material will start to destroy.

4: Which types of rims come up with the best functionality?

Rims play a crucial part in basketball. Choosing the best rim and knowing its function is extremely important. Rim is the only source where you can throw the ball and get scores to win. It usually has two major types i.e. break-away rim and fixed rim. The weather or humidity always imparts significant impacts in choosing the rims. Rims used inside the house usually have a smaller diameter. Your choice when it comes to choosing the rim also depends upon the level of your game.

5: Which is better break-away rim or fixed rim? Which is more suitable for you?

The breakaway rims are flexible, so whenever a person dunks into it, it can bend downward and provide a player more safety.  Similarly, when a person leaves it, it can go back to its initial positioning and become horizontal again. These are quite expensive, but they reduce injuries. Therefore, it provides more flexibility to the game and player. Professional seekers prefer this type of rim. The fixed rim has a hard structure and does not provide any flexibility. It makes the game more difficult as a player can have a problem while dunking. It does not move downward and comes fixed at a position. Moreover, fixed rim is cheaper and a better option for the beginners.

6: What is the purpose of net used in indoor basketball hoop wall mount?

The net also has a major function and an important part of a basketball game. There are two main advantages of basketball. Firstly, when you threw the ball into the net; it should let the ball come down easily. Secondly, it provides surety when it comes to scoring a goal. Imagine if there is no net then there will always be confusion whether a person has scored a goal or not.

7:  What part does bracing play in basketball? Has it some significant impact on the game or not?

Bracing is a helping material.  The manufacturers designed them for providing support and strength to the backboard. Therefore, they can be made up of different material depending upon the choice of the people while the high-end basketball bracing causes to improve the gaming and provides more durability in its function and features.

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Product Reviews:

Here are some product reviews we have chosen that might help you in making a right decision about your purchasing. These reviews are similar to your required product.

1: SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop:

It has a sporty look and comes with assisted steel chain-link net which you can fit in the office or your home. Its backboard made up of 18-inch x 12-inch having polycarbonate as a material. It is strong enough and unbreakable for the kids.  It also includes 9inch rim for the support and 5-inch mini SKLZ for the proper functioning.


  • You can easily assemble them by reading the proper instructions.
  • It can fit anywhere including your home or office.
  • Solid design and weather resistant.
  • This product is ideal for the kids and adults.
  • It is highly portable, and it can be removed from one place to another easily


  • The chain gets disassembled or broken easily.
  • It is not suitable for the professional players due to its smaller size.

Everything has some negative aspects as well as positives despite the negative aspects this product is a must have. It’s ideal for the kids who want to practice with their adults at home. Investing more in your hoops can lead you towards better and more reliable choice when comes to playing basketball.

2: Lifetime 54-inch Backboard Rim Competition Combo:

The product brings a power yet novelty in the category of basketball hoop wall mount. It gives you a professional look and amazing game. It has a wider backboard build with comparatively stronger elements. Not to mention it also possesses arena slam rim. While the frame has shutter proof, hammer tone and finishing give a blackish look. Therefore, this is a perfect ideal product for the new and professional lovers of the basketball.


  • It has the wider 54 inches backboard.
  • The product has the strongest interior and has high durability as compared to the others.
  • Five years repairing warranty makes you tension free.
  • It has a professional look hence making it attractive for the basketball player.


  • Assembly is often confusing and difficult therefore professionals are required to carry on the setup.
  • Due to its larger size, it’s more suitable for the adults and can’t capture the market for kids.

It has a professional look, and this is the reason it has captured an impressive market for the new basketball players. Despite having some drawbacks, it is still worth buying. Having five years warranty makes the individual tension free, but difficult assembly is often a question mark for this backboard Rim competition combo.

3: Huffy Backboard & Rim Combo with Rectangle Backboard:

The product is likely to give you nostalgia as it looks similar to your school hoops. It has a wide backboard structure. It also possesses the strength and environmentally friendly material for its composition. It’s ideal for the people who want to have ancient and unique structured items. The rim and the backboard combo is capable for square and round pole.


  • The product is made up of strong yet eco-friendly material. Hence, it is easily recyclable.
  • It would remind you of old time as it has old school look
  • Comparatively to other products it is not expensive hence easily affordable.
  • It is water and weather resistant.
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  • The material is not made up with the strong raw material, and it’s not that durable.
  • It’s good for the kids due to a smaller size however it is not suitable for professionals.

It’s an affordable hoop and ideal for the kids and people who want to have it for the rough use. It might be equally effective for the indoor and outdoor use due to its material. But expanding some more you can have a better choice and enjoy basketball more.

4: RAMgoal Indoor Basketball Hoop:

The product is expensive but made and designed by the professionals. It also comes with 5″ RAMgoal Synthetic Leather Mini Basketball. It also possesses 13-inch height in total which is adjustable up and down. Rim and Backboard both have a professional and clear look. Two studs have 16 inches partition for effective usage.


  • It might be effective for the professional players due to flexibility in its structure.
  • Adjustable height provides the variation for the players.
  • The material is made up of the professionals, so it has high durability.


  • Assembly is difficult and confusing.
  • It is also difficult to repair.
  • The product is expensive as compared to other hoops.

The product might be effective for the professionals as adjustable height also provides a great experience for the user. Even though it has some negative aspects but still worth purchasing as it is made up by professionals, and that’s why more effective and provide variation to the player.

5: Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

It is suitable for the study structure due to it has exceptional studs. The backboard is wide and provides flexibility and stability while practicing or performing. It gives a gap of 18 inches between mounting surfaces to the rims. It is also a highly rated product and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


  • The backboard is 18″ x 12″ it also adjustable into a single piece frame for is also highly durable.
  • It can be easily assembled and can give you a professional look while playing.


  • Repairing can be difficulthence making it less desirable.
  • Height adjustment can be confusing

The product is amazing for the kids who love hoops and can also be equally effective for the adults. It has flexible and stable structure provide comfort while playing.  It is also worth purchasing due to its structure and price range.


After reading the article, you can surely relate its need with the different products features. It can also be helpful when a person analyzes all the reviews and features about the product. The information given earlier will be enough for making the right purchasing decision, and you can pick the product which is more suitable for your gameplay and can provide you with the feature you are searching. Therefore pick the best indoor basketball hoop wall mount and make your basketball experience far better.

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