Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoops Reviews Of 2017

Like any other game, basketball requires a lot of practice to become a skilled performer in the game.  This calls for having a basketball hoop nearby. You might have a hoop hooked up to your garage but that is a bit unsightly and having a permanent hoop in your backyard or lawn does not align with portability. Portable basketball hoops become very handy because it allows you to hone your skills wherever you go, and they do not take much space either.  For the purpose of your assistance, we have come up with a buyer’s guide to pick the best portable basketball hoop that accurately caters your needs.







Spalding Portable Basketball System



Spalding NBA "The Beast" Portable Basketball System



Lifetime 52-Inch Shatter-Proof Backboard Portable Basketball System



Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System



Street Tournament Side Court Portable Basketball Hoop From Spalding


Buyer’s Guide – What to look for, when buying a portable basketball hoop?

There are different types of hoops available in the market, you may buy a wrong one, and it can annoy you later. To avoid this, you need to look for the right hoop by assessing a few different components that a portable basketball hoop has. These components include rims, backboards, support pole system and base.


  1. How do I get to know what backboard size is right for me?

The size of the backboard is the first feature that comes to mind because it is directly associated with the portable aspect of the hoop. The smallest backboard available in the market measures 44 inches with very few exceptions. For a portable hoop at your home, the largest one you can find will measure up to 60 inches. The majority of the families are looking to buy a hoop that is 52 inches in size, and it proves to be very satisfactory.

  1. What materials should I prefer during the purchase of a portable basketball hoop?

The feature that comes to mind after backboard size is its material as it contributes to the durability of the hoop. You will find backboards made of tempered glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate backboards are very affordable as well as durable. However, the performance of these backboards is not satisfying. The rebounds turn out to be ‘dead,’ and it significantly affects the gameplay. Tempered glass backboards offer high performance as the rebounds are superb, but the issue is they are not very light on the wallet. Furthermore, they are not as durable as polycarbonate. Acrylic backboards provide a middle way as they do perform better than polycarbonates but not better than the tempered glass backboards. They also fall in the middle price range and are more durable than tempered glass backboards.


  1. What purpose do standard rims serve?

It does not come with any compression springs, and this makes it more breakable during dunks. If you are not looking to dunk and certainly don’t want to spend the extra money, then this is the ideals option for you. It will underperform as compared to the hoops with compression springs, but it will get the job done.

  1. What are the benefits of exposed-spring compression rims?

The exposed-springs compressions breakaway rims are expensive, but they certainly offer far more durability than the standard rim. If you are looking for mild-to-moderate dunking, then this would be an acceptable best option for you. Due to the exposed springs, these rims tend to rust with the passage of time and will affect its long-term performance.

  1. What makes Pro-Style compressions rim better than any other rim type?

These are the professional-grade compression rims and suitable for a portal basketball hoop. The springs are covered by a box that links with the backboard.  These rims are made to take the toll; you need to limit your hanging with the rim. They also offer less bounce on a shot as compared to the cheaper exposed-spring rims.

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What do I look in the bases of hoops while making a purchase?

The base is an integral part of a portable basketball hoop, but most of the time it is overlooked. The hoops that are not very expensive come with a 27-gallon capacity which keeps them upright in most of the cases, unless there is high wind or during dunking. The middle priced hoops have 35 to 40-gallon capacity, and they will be harder to tip while dunking. The high-quality hoops come with capacities of over 50 gallons of water or sand which keeps them upright in most of the situations. Make sure that you look for wheels in the base when buying a hoop because it will make mobility far easier. If you live in low-temperature areas, then don’t forget to put anti-freeze in the base to keep the water from freezing and destroying the base. Also, ensure that there is a protective plate installed in the base, which will be very useful during games as it will protect the players when they trip or run into the base.

Supporting Pole System

  1. How should I decide that what support system design is ideal for me?

When a high-quality support system is installed, it will keep the overall system stable. You may opt for two piece and three piece designs as per your requirements and needs. Three piece support pole designs are mostly found on mid-range and low prices hoops and will cause the hoop to shake a lot during the gameplay. Two piece support systems are found on the high-end portable hoops and are a lot more stable than the three piece counterparts.

  1. What is backboard bracing and how does it make any difference in a low quality and a high-quality basketball hoop?

When there is proper support bracing, the performance of the backboard also improves. These braces are in metal forms and link with several portions of a backboard. The high-end basketball hoops are equipped with high quality bracing to improve the performance, and it contributes heavily towards the durability of the hoop as well.

Product Reviews

We have prepared a list of our picks to help you in choosing the product that matches your requirements.

1. Lifetime 52-Inch Shatter-Proof Backboard Portable Basketball System

This portable basketball hoop comes with spring rim that features spring-back action. Moreover, the height of the hoop can be adjusted with easy squeezable handles. Three piece support pole and a rolling base make it more adaptable than other rival hoops. The base is also extra large to keep the hoop from tipping. The backboard vibrations from bank shots are reduced by a couple of backboard braces.

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  • Easy height adjustment, ranging from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.
  • Rolling base wheels which make it easy to move from one place to another.
  • Two backboard brace for improving stability.


  • The rim bounces a bit too much during shots.
  • It had polycarbonate backboard that does not perform during rebounds.

Despite having some drawbacks, this portable basketball hoop provides good performance, especially for residential usage. The performance not quite up to the mark but it does get the job done if you are not willing to invest more in the better options in hoops.

2. Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System – 60” Acrylic Backboard

The portable hoop comes with a hybrid that has space for water as well as sand in the base. It gives you more convenience for portability. The hoop features a 60″ backboard made of acrylic. The hoop is also equipped with arena slam rim and a base cover along with padding that goes along the bottom of the backboard for the safety of the players.


  • The rim supports high-quality arena slam during dunking and taking shots.
  • It has a robust base of the high-quality support pole.
  • The product offers easy mobility with the base storage for both water and sand.


  • It is tough to assemble and requires the right tools to get the job done.
  • The hybrid base is slightly small.

The portable basketball hoop is performance efficient as well as durable. It will also provide you with arena quality dunking and shots. Now you will not experience any kind rebounds that are underdone. However, you need to have a right toolkit to set it up. The hybrid base system is also subtle as compared to the 60″ backboard.

3. Spalding Portable Basketball System – 60” Aluminum Trim Acrylic Backboard

It is considered as one the expensive hoops in the mid-price range. The hoop comes with an arena style rim with breakaway compression. It is also equipped with a powder-coated steel frame to provide you with heavy duty performance. This product has gallon base that keeps it from tipping. Moreover, it features an angled support pole which enables under the hoop action. You can also adjust its height, and it also has a 60″ acrylic backboard.


  • The 40-gallon base is colossal, and it provides excellent support to the hoop.
  • The large 60” backboard provides more rebound area for the players.
  • Adjustable height ranging from 7.5 feet to 10 feet


  • The hoop has a three piece support system which is a complete disappointment because it is priced very high.

If you are happy to compromise on a shaky pole, then this is a great option for you. However, there are plenty of better options that you can choose if you are willing to spend a bit more. Rest of the hoop is excellent but the shaking pole, negatively affects the gameplay, and then you are paying a good amount for it as well.

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4. Spalding ‘The Beast’ Portable Basketball Hoop

As the name suggests, this hoop is a beast in an actual sense. It features two-piece support pole with 60″ backboard. The hoop also has 5″ square-angled pole system and comes with the screw in water level gauge as well. The backboard is made from tempered glass to provide you with excellent gameplay. On top of that, the rim is available with breakaway compression.


  • It has tempered glass backboard, the best backboard in portable basketball hoops.
  • The hoop has 50-gallon base well protected with padding to keep it from tipping and ensure the safety of the players during game play.
  • It also has a move out handle for easy mobility.
  • The hoop has two piece support pole.


  • The backboard comes with padding for extra protection, but it also halts the performance.

Despite its only drawback, it is one of the best options if you are looking to enhance your skills in the game. Although it cost a good amount, the experience is certainly worth it. The only issue is the backboard padding, but it is done to improve the durability of the hoop. Therefore, this product is highly recommended by us.

5. Street Tournament Side Court Portable Basketball Hoop From Spalding

Spalding has designed this portable basketball hoop for those of you who are specifically looking for long lasting performance and high durability. This piece of equipment is ideal for tournament gameplay as well as for recreational purposes. The backstop is cushioned, and it protects the players from any injuries. The hoop also features 3 foot offset to give the feel of a gym bucket. You can fold down this hoop for easy storage as well.


  • The base enables you to fold the hoop for easy storage
  • The base is also designed for putting as much weight on it as possible.
  • Huge padding area to protect the players


  • The height adjustment in this hoop is tough.

Spalding portable basketball hoop is ideal for holding tournaments. It is designed to take as much toll as possible. The hoop gives you the maximum durability with a robust and well-protected base; it keeps everyone safe as well.


After going through the article, you might have understood the basics of what you should be looking while you buy your favorite portable basketball hoop. From the above reviews, you can quickly pick the right option most suitable for the gameplay you prefer. Hopefully, you have found the right kind of information to choose the best portable basketball hoop to fine tune your skills at home or wherever you go. The comparisons we have provided enables you to understand your needs and different product features that cater your specific needs.

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