Top 5 Best Trampoline basketball hoop reviews Of 2017

Being a basketball fan but too young to play on a real basketball court is every basketball loving kid’s nightmare. Well, good for them that basketball is not limited to just courts anymore. Trampoline basketball hoop came in existence to ease the problems of your child. You can have all the excitement of the sports sport confined within your trampoline just by having this hoop. All you need now is a basketball and a small team whom you can play. The hoops are a new trend in the market, and people are going crazy about them. The fact is that the kids can play basketball without getting hurt by falling or any other cause. The injuries have decreased to a great extent by the use of trampoline basketball hoop. You can convert your boring trampoline into a super excitement basketball game and play as Knicks or Giants.

There are a variety of hoops available in the market. They vary in size, dimensions and the type of material that is in the construction. You will see a lot of ads nowadays about getting the right hoop for your kids but make sure that you choose the best one with the best quality and affordable price. We know it is a difficult decision to choose the best hoop for your kid. Therefore, we have compiled a list of best trampoline basketball hoop for you.







Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Basketball Hoop



Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Basketball Hoop



Skywalker Trampoline 8 Feet Basketball Hoop



ump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop By Trampoline Pro



Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline


Buyer’s Guide: Things to consider while buying a trampoline hoop

Here are some common frequently asked questions that people may have when it comes to buying this product. They answer the questions with justifications and reasoning making sure that you have all your issues settled while you buy a basketball hoop. Here is a little insight into the basic things that you should consider while buying the basketball hoop with a trampoline:

Which material is suitable for the basketball hoop?

Manufacturers use metal and a soft plastic type material for assembly. The safety with the metal one is not much appreciated, but the plastic one is safer and reliable.

Do heat or the wind damage the hoop?

No, the hoop is a material which is mostly weather resistant, so it is not affected by the heat and the wind.

How to assemble the hoop?

You can install it on the pole of the trampoline, or a frame is with the trampoline. The frame comes with nuts so you can fit the hoop easily.

Is there any guide for assembly?

Some trampolines provide guides for the assembly of the hoop, and some do not, but its assembly is mostly easy. So a guide is not a requirement.

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What type of balls for the trampoline basketball play are available?

You can use the standard basketball of size 3-7, but a soft foam ball is also available in the market.

Which ball is most suitable to be used?

The soft foam ball is mostly used and is more suitable as well since the standard ball is hard and can cause injury to the kids. The foam ball is easy to use and handle as well.

Does the size of the hoop changes?

Yes, the size of the hoop varies and is different for different companies. However, the size is not a concern with the size of the ball.

What type of material is on the instruction of the rim?

The manufacturers use Velcro. It is safer and minimizes the contact of the limbs with the hoop making user that no injury occurs to the players. Besides this, it is flexible, so the angle of the hoop is adjusted back and forth easily.


Product Reviews:

1. Jump Slammer Trampoline Basketball Hoop By Trampoline Pro

This hoop is a universal hoop with the fact that you can mount it on any rod or pole. The pole as much as 1.5” in diameter can fit into it. You can comfortably adjust the smaller diameter poles as well. They don’t use metal in making the trampoline but a material which is similar to it. You can adjust it easily on the straight and curved poles. The steel frame allows it to have more durability and stability. You can attach to the poles easily using the stakes. The breakaway rims make the whole experience safer and full of excitement. The product is 24.4 x 12.6 x 6.7 inches in dimension and 7.8 pounds in weight. It comes with a foam ball for safer playing sine the danger of injuries is reduced using these balls.


  • It is a universal hoop so you can use it with any trampoline pole.
  • You can adjust its angle back and forth easily
  • The hoop is durable since its material is weather resistant.
  • It is resistant to the UV light as well making it more durable.
  • The hoop is safer to use and comes with a foam ball as well.


  • Assembly is sometimes tricky since it comes with no instructions.
  • The design is not much sturdy.

It is an affordable hoop with many qualities. It is reliable and safer as well. Weather resistant material and foam makes it safer, durable and a must-have candidate for your kids.

2. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Basketball Hoop

Skywalker is one of the best brands in the field of trampoline making. Their Jump N’ Dunk Basketball hoop has many quality features that are a requirement of a standard product. Safety parameters are kept in mind while designing it. There are no gaps between the enclosures making the whole playing experience safer. The hoop is 15x15x9.5 ft. in dimensions and supports up to 200 lbs. of weight on the trampoline. The hoop is made of polyethylene net making it extra stable and durable. The T-shaped sockets stabilize the hoop and attach it to the trampoline frame firmly preventing the twisting or breakage of the hoop. The rim is breakable, so you have very fewer chances of getting your elbows or limbs injured.

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  • The design is sturdy and reliable with no gaps between the enclosures.
  • The hoop is easy to fit and then detach from the trampoline.
  • You can attach and detach it easily.
  • The two straps at the back allow it to be attached to the frame of trampoline more firmly.


  • No particular instructions are for the assembly of the product.
  • It is not suitable for very small children.

The frame is made of galvanized steel making it more stable, reliable and durable. It is weather resistant and UV resistant as well. These features make it a good hoop with the best trampoline with it.

3. Skywalker Trampoline 8 Feet Basketball Hoop

The basketball hoop is one of the bests that are available today. It has 42.9×23.2×9 inches dimensions, and the trampoline that comes with it can support 175 pounds of weight. It is a soft material that is weather resultant and UV light protected. The rim is of Velcro and it stable against much pressure and shock and provides safety while playing. The T-sockets provide maximum stability to the round hoop while it is attached to the frame which is of galvanized steel.


  • The rim is durable and protects against injuries.
  • The design is more stable and sturdy.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • The hoop is easy to assemble.


  • Assembly is a bit tricky and time-consuming if you are doing it for the first time.

Looking for a trampoline with a basketball hoop and that too in best quality, then you can opt the Skywalker trampoline with 8-feet range basketball hoop. It is a great product to have for your kids. It is stable and durable and most of all affordable.

4. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Basketball Hoop

The hoop has all the features that its companions of the same company have. It comes with a design that is sturdy due to the use of T-socket enclosures that holds the hoop with the frame firmly. The Velcro rim is adjustable, and it minimizes the chances of injury while playing. The enclosure net is of polyethylene, and it is resistant to weather and UV light. The trampoline available with this product is of polypropylene mats. The no-gap between the enclosures’ design is stable and durable one. A maximum weight of 200 lbs. The trampoline that comes with the hoop can support it. The hoop comes with a soft foam ball as well for playing.

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  • The rim minimizes the impact with the hoop and pole while playing making sure that no injuries occur.
  • The design is sturdy and stable against the weather and environmental conditions.


  • Assembly is not easy since you have to fit the nuts and bolts which can be tricky to handle.

It is one of the best product from Skywalker. It has one of the best features with a sturdy design and looks. The affordable price makes it a great choice to have for your kids.

5. Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline  

The trampoline can support a weight of 330 lbs. Moreover, is made of galvanized steel which provides it extra stability and durability. The hoop usually mounts the pole of the trampoline. The basketball hoop is almost 14 centimeters in diameter and is suitable for the size 3-7 of the basketballs. The trampoline comes with a ladder which you can use during assembly. The hoop is suitable for the children as well. The rim is of steel, so the safety parameters are much lower in this case.


  • The trampoline is durable and stable.
  • It is suitable forkids of every age.
  • It provides firm support and can bear heavy weight kids.


  • The safety parameters are not as higher as its contenders have.

It is a good trampoline with a basketball hoop to have if you are looking for a product with standard quality and affordable price. The safety parameters are much-neglected since the metal rim is prone to cause injury to the limbs.


The buying guide consists of all the key and essential points about the trampoline basketball hoop. The features to look out for are highlighted for your easiness and comfort. You will see many brands in the market, but the best of them are listed above along with their key features. Choose the hoop wisely and carefully since it matters the most for the safety and comfort of your child. The safety, durability, stability, and price are the main things to consider. The buyer’s guide will help you a lot in this regard while choosing the right hoop for your kid’s trampoline. Choose the one which is according to your comfort and needs.

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