Protect access to customer data. anywhere.

Add SSO to internal CLIs and web apps, scrub PII inside live database connections, log every action. Grant autonomy to engineers with zero security compromise.

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Thiago Mouro
Security Engineer @ Dock

I spent 90% of my time doing repetitive tasks. Using hoop, I created 100+ database automations in one week. Devs got better UX, and I went back to strategic projects instead of TOIL.

Vinicius Suzano
SRE Engineering Manager @ RD Station

We used to have an in-house tool to control access to databases. We could never keep up with the features requested by our internal users. In one week hoop replaced it.

Alysson Regio
Security | Operations | Cloud @ EBANX delivers great developer experience while solving for security. Compliance certifications also become easier when using them.

Matheus Sandre
DevOps Tech Lead @ Enjoei

No security tool has such a deep integration into developers workflows. Removing PII and auditing live Rails Console sessions is impressive.

Stop handing static keys & creds to engineers

SSO custom apps without OIDC/SAML support

From databases to containers. From Cloud to On-premises. From custom CLIs to internal web apps

Put IAM on auto pilot

Reliable break-glass access with just-in-time and single-command access review workflows

Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users and profiles across your stack

Stop wasting time with TOIL

Automate 100% of IAM & ad-hoc service desk requests

Zero time wasted with IAM complexity

RBAC requires multiple profiles per team. That’s thousands of policies to get Least Access.

Least Access needs more than RBAC

Create stricter policies with dynamic PII redact and give more autonomy with less access.

One integration, across the stack

Save hundreds of hours from DevOps team cycles spent replicating the same IAM solution for databases, containers, cloud providers, etc.

Recover 20 hours per developer per month

Unified developer platform for access

One portal for all IAM workflows. DX with Backstage plugin or integrate with your internal platform using our APIs & Webhooks

Achieve more with less

Fewer engineers and challenging markets demand zero time wasted with constant interruptions and manual workflows

Optimize costs with IAM observability

Find repeated ad-hoc changes and build automations that offloads the team for strategic projects

AI-powered PII anonymization

No manual cataloging of columns across hundreds of places. Grant more autonomy with less security risks.

Derive automations from ad-hoc scripts in seconds.

Move away from ad-hoc access

Create Runbooks from ad-hoc scripts using Gitops workflow. Make the Golden Path the fastest way

Prioritize automations with access observability

Find repeated ad-hoc commands and prioritize automation of higher frequency problems

Shift DevOps team cycles to cost-cutting initiatives

Optimizing queries to reduce db instance sizes. Removing inactive cloud resources. Offload DevOps team cycles from manual tasks to focus on what matters.

protect support teams
with DB acCEss

add guard rails to production console access

YOU BUILD, YOU RUN IT - without security compromise.